Origin of the Name: "KITH is a part of the phrase 'Kith and Kin,' which literally means 'friends and family.' I'm able to work with both, whether it's with my mother on the Kin accessory line or with my friends keeping the stores running altogether. Kith being so personal differentiates us from the rest and it's rewarding to see the brand grow with the people I care about the most. We came up with the motto 'Just Us,' because we really want people to feel like they’re a part of something when they walk in. They’re along for the ride with us and we have their best interest in mind each day." - Ronnie Fieg 

The shop-turned-brand has definitely made its mark on the streetwear game over the last couple of seasons with pieces that cater to everyone. Ronnie Fieg has created a brand with "kin" that has become a proverbial goldmine. That's a smart man at the helm.