Origin of the Name: "We wanted to start a brand that was new, cool, not like anything else, and just different.  Every name we threw around had some type of meaning or sub-meaning attached to it and we did not want that. I decided that since i had spent my whole high school and college experience doodling made up words into my notebooks and making up fake definitions for them, that I would just make up a brand name. So I made up DURKL, a word that sounds interesting, is impossible to forget, and has a cool looking typographical layout. This way the only definition of this new word would be what we created each and every day with our hard work. We wanted to define a word, not let it define us." - Will Sharp, Co-Owner

The D.C.-bred streetwear brand has come along way since 2002, where the first collection consisted of a couple tees and hats, into what can now be established as a heavyweight in the streetwear arena. Covering the spectrum of clothing one couldn't ask more from, DURKL and The Sharp brothers are certainly impossible to forget at this point.