Origin of the Name: "Black Apple started off as the crew name for our Public School muse. We found an old black and white image of a group of teenagers in New York City from the early 70's. They were cutting class, smoking cigarettes, and hanging out with girls. The leader of the group we named Red and he had this look on his face that was one part confident and one part innocent. He unofficially became our muse and we went on to design a leather vest specifically for him. On the back was the embroidered rockers patch 'Black Apple.' Black Apple essentially is how we describe New York City in all its glory. That vest became part of our everyday uniform and eventually led to us starting the brand." - Dao-Yi Chow

Welp, in what is definitely the best brand origination story, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne's Black Apple NYC allegory symbolizes the brand's aesthetic perfectly. Gritty, yet refined streetwear for those who want to rebel in style.