If you were to use Facebook likes and comments as a measurement to how popular you are, Brooks Brothers currently falls a little below average. After recently posting a picture of its newest navy quilted blazer on Facebook, longtime fans of the brand were quick to put in their two-cents, and they weren’t positive. Most critics—probably old rich guys that own a home on Nantucket Island—believe that the jacket isn’t classy enough for a Brooks Brothers collection.

Change sometimes turns your biggest fans into your harshest critics. With collaborations that include Thom Browne and Levi's, Brooks Brothers' new initiative targeting younger and trendier customers is no secret. However, the brand doesn't alienate old fans by completely changing its line-up. Clothing options with the same old fit and classic styles are still available, so what’s the fuss about? Do you think the critics are making a big deal out of it? If you want to put in your own two-cents into the conversation, visit Brooks Brothers Facebook page. [wsj]