Two years ago, NY State Senator Eric Adams launched the Stop The Sag movement, encouraging the youth to stop wearing saggy pants. This time around, Adams is pushing for the banning of sagging in New York public schools. In a recent NY Post op-ed, Adams claims that sagging is, "symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency," and subjects the youth to a poor future. Adams is currently lobbying New York Schools to ban sagging pants in classrooms.

"When you walk through the halls of our schools, you see children showing their behind, the cracks of their behind, their underwear, young girls showing their G-strings. And the institution that’s supposed to be responsible for developing well-rounded young people is not stopping it."

Maybe Senator Adams has a point here. However, if this "no sagging" rule actually goes through, we're not sure how well it'll go over with the thousands of students who include baggy pants in their everyday outfits. Telling a student how to dress? Well, that's what private schools are for. [NY Post]