New York Senators and California City Council men are asking teens and children to stop sagging in honor of Black History Month. They believe that sagging pants represent delinquent behavior and criminal activity because the trend started in prison where belts aren't allowed. Do you agree with the "Stop the Sag" movement? Or do you think wearing your pants baggy is just a fashion trend? Do you really think that one can have swag without the sag? Because Soulja Boy definitely does not. Seriously though, there are places where sagging is straight-up banned. Pull up your baggy pants and read some crazy facts we found on sag-hating.

  • Carson City council member Mike Gipson has tried to ban sagging at public schools 6 times.
  • A few American cities have already outlawed sagging pants.
  • Showing your underwear has been illegal in Delcambre, Louisiana since 2007!
  • In Delcambre, the indecency citation can get you a $500 fine or jail-time.
  • [via Daily Mail]