Feeling left out while others proclaim affection for lovers? Don't fret, pick up a new hobby and productively occupy your time.

New from Gingko Press, Silkscreen Basics provides a broad view of a simple, creative craft. Equipped with easy-to-use guidelines, the book shares step-by-step instructions for creating budget-friendly masterpieces. You'll learn about all the essential tools, and even how to properly clean old screens and ready them for new artistic adventures.

In need of inspiration? Don't worry. Silkscreen Basics also includes a short profiles of leading silkscreen experts, including Colin Jenkins, and design collectives Flight 64 of Portland, OR, and Dog Day Print in Berlin, Germany. Their work, coupled with a quirky history of the process from ancient China to the digital age, makes this tome a perfect silkscreen primer.

If by this time next year you haven't got a date, at least you'll be able to make bank off homemade Valentine's Day cards.

Silkscreen Basics, Gingko Press, 2012.