Snowboard season is here and Complex recently attended a private training session at the Vitaminwater Progression Camp at Copper Mountain, Colorado. We spent a bunch of time on the slopes and inside the Woodward Camp training facilities, where we had the pleasure of checking out Vitaminwater's impressive halfpipe sessions, physical conditioning workouts and training exercises with U.S. Olympic Gold medal-winning coach, Bud Keene.

The cast of riders included JJ Thomas, Kaitlyn Farrinton, Gus Kenworthy and Kyle Mack. We also caught up with celebrated freestyle rider Johnnie Paxson while shooting for the latest Vitaminwater commercial. After Johnnie was finished doing flips for TV, we followed the film star to Woodward Camp for private one-on-one training with Coach Bud Keene.

The facilities were amazing and we had an awesome time hanging out inside snapping shots. Click the thumbnails to see the insane set up from inside Woodward Camp at Copper Mountain, Colorado., and check out how Vitaminwater athletes prepare for the upcoming season.