Can we expect more like outerwear like leather jackets?

All that, all that. Well I highly doubt that we're going to try to repeat the '90s, but we're gonna give today’s flavor with a '90s vibe and that '90s feel. We're gonna give you a piece of today, and we're gonna throw those classic elements on it that just make our shit, our shit. You know what I mean? That's what we're gonna do, keep making better and dope products. That's the name of the game; that's what drives it, that's the key and that's what we're gonna play with right there. That's what we're gonna do, zero in right on that.

How has the partnership with Rocksmith like helped out in terms of getting Wu Tang brand out there?

Well the partnership with Rocksmith is actually was definitely a strategic move, I got good partners over there that actually are part of the culture and into the culture and  they listen to me and I listen to them and we get it. 

How did that collaboration happen?

The collaboration is crazy because the collaboration happened through my man Nairobi from
StrictlyFitteds. Actually, at the time I was like "I ain't doing anymore collaborations." But he kept on hitting me up like “I'm telling you to come mess with them."

Finally one day I just went and met with them and I was real nonchalant about it because at the moment, I honestly wasn't into it, and I'm sure he'll even tell you the same thing. I had a whole 'nother plan about what I was starting to do and where I was going with it and he convinced me to take a look at it. And we did it, reluctantly. Based on the success of it, I was done.