NAME: BenBen

OCCUPATION: Marketing Director at 722 Showroom



SHIRT: Wood Wood

PANTS: Steven Alan

Favorite thing about NY? Walking between all the tall buildings and admiring the process of how they were constructed. 

Favorite NY neighborhood? Soho because of its convenient location to all the surrounding neighborhoods.  

What was the first designer piece you bought? The Lo (Ralph Lauren) back in high school.  

Who would you be your dream brand collaboration? Geneva Lab, check em out.

What's the one thing you can't live without? Sneakers, I'm a sneaker kid at heart.

Who inspires your style? Method Man, but in 94.

What's your favorite hang out/go-to spot? Lately, Casey's Irish pub to watch numerous hoop games all at once and find good beers.

Favorite website?

What's the last thing to disgust you? Black Swan, I'm not good at watching other people cut their nails and such.

Most common statement about your style? "I like what you're wearing today" because other days I could look completely effed up.