We were invited to check out  “George Condo: Mental States” at the New Museum, the new show there that opens tomorrow (January 26th). The show is a retrospective of sorts, but one that Condo was hesitant to label as such. Instead, he asked for it to be referred to as a portrait-based conceptual survey. Either way, it's an incredibly entertaining review of the artist's work that he has completed over the past thirty years, and a great way to see Condo’s twisted translation of master painting styles all in the same place. Themes of manic glee and tragedy play through a diverse cast of queens, bad guys, bums, intellectuals, poets, nymphs, and cardinals, and the gift shop is packed with Condo paraphernalia including the Supreme skateboard collab he did a little while back and some Kanye West gear from MBDTF. It's on display til May 8th, so put it on your to do list.

New Museum: 235 Bowery (New York). 212.343.0460