TK, P-Rod, and Dyrdek star in Point Break 2 Street Dreams, out this June. [Supra]

Ron English is very scary, but awesome. 3 ft. McSupersized me coming out (if you can't get the Kaws). [High Snobiety]

The Neti Pot helps cure the after math of a late late late late late night/morning. [Youtube]

OK, enough with the Palm PRE hate. Sorry. This thing is dope, and it's gonna sync up with iTunes as well, so we're all good. (Please send to Complex, 40 W. 23rd st., NY, NY). [Crunch Gear]

Speaking of free phones, it took this dude about zero minutes from leaving the developer's conference for the TMobile/Google G2 before he put that sucker on eBay. Oh capitalism. [eBay]

HF. You slay us with your minimal, yet perfect Nike Footscapes. And your little hat. [Nice Kicks]