Buy It Now: Peasants & Travelers Backpack

These days—as with our sneakers and watches—we're avoiding unnecessary bells and whistles when it comes to our (man)bags. That means a break from all those "tech" backpacks you see with a million zippers and colors and patent leather and little separate compartments for your BlackBerry, and Nintendo DS, and iPhone and...etc. Are you going to the office or are you going to the moon? How about just a simple-yet-stylish, everyday backpack? Thankfully, a new Complex-cosigned bag line called Peasants & Travelers has answered our call.

Today's Buy It Now is the Peasants & Travelers Backpack, which has a water-resistant polyester exterior and a lined interior made to look like a dress shirt. Every design feature has a purpose: inside is the all-important padded laptop sleeve (fits a MacBook Pro 15) and outside is Day-Glo orange trim on the handle and zippers, great for nighttime bike riders. For Buy It Now info and detail pics, see below...

Click Here To Buy It Now At Peasants & Travelers Online Store, $125


WEB SITE: Peasants & Travelers

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