Kevin Durant has provided Twitter with some pretty epic clapbacks over the years. But KD has also sent out his fair share of really strange tweets, too. While he’s definitely reeled in his social media activity since joining the Warriors last summer, KD made a habit out of sending tweets like this in his early days on Twitter:

Those tweets are funny to read in and of themselves. But you know what makes them even more ridiculous? When you get some of KD’s fellow NBA players to read them, which is exactly what SLAM did before the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. SLAM’s Alexis Morgan hit the red carpet and had a handful of NBA players pick random KD tweets to read, and it was even more entertaining than we were initially expecting it to be.

At the end, Morgan even convinced KD’s mom Wanda to take part in the exercise. And while she didn’t stick around for long once she read her son’s old tweet—it’s unclear if she knew what she was walking into when she agreed to an interview—it still made for a really funny moment.

Check out the clip above to see NBA players reading KD’s tweets about Scarlett Johansson, bubble guts (oh, KD, LOL), and more.