Rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis is the one thing that the Knicks have right now when it comes to being somewhat positive for the future of their franchise. 

There is not much that 7-foot-1 Porzingis can't do, such as making steals and sick spin moves  to lead a fast breakblocking shots, dancing pretty good, great follow-up dunks on anyone, juggling around a basketball with his feet like a soccer ball, and other 25 things you can check out here if you don't know much more about him.

Now you can add a very long range H-O-R-S-E game shot to his list of special talents. Before tonight's game against the Golden State Warriors, Porzingis showed that he can hit the Steph Curry tunnel shot just as good as its namesake with ease.

But same some for gametime, bruh. The Knicks desperately need it when it counts against the league's best team.

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[via BlackSportsOnline]