So. Shane *bleeping* McMahon returned to WWE on Monday night, after six years away from the squared circle. And not only did the Prodigal Son make his glorious (seriously, listen to the pop) return, but he revealed that he had a deal with Vince McMahon that he believes entitles him to control Monday Night Raw. Long story short, we now have the verifiably insane WrestleMania match of Shane-O-Mac against...The Undertaker. Oh, and it’s in Hell in a Cell. And if Shane wins, he takes over the show (and the company). Ho-ly-shit chants don’t even cover it.

Backing up a bit, though, Shane McMahon probably holds the crown for “best non-wrestler wrestler” of all-time, and a lot of that has to do with his willingness to throw himself off some really high things. If there’s one thing he is known for, it’s his ability to turn off his fear and go for some of the biggest and most brutal spots of all time. So, in honor of what is sure to be his impending (kayfabe) death at Mania (seriously, putting Shane McMahon in any type of hardcore match is a recipe for success, but against a revitalized Undertaker in WrestleMania God mode? *grabs popcorn*), we take a look back at the moments that turned the Boss’s Entitled Son into a goddamn legend. Warning: do not watch these if you have vertigo.