Steph Curry is dealing with a nagging shin bruise right now that is probably going to bother him for at least another month or two. Warriors trainers told him it would heal on its own if he rested for about four weeks, but he has no interest in missing games and is going to continue to play while his shin heals. He’s also going to try something pretty unique by taking the court against the Trail Blazers tonight with a shin guard on his left leg.

“I’ve got to bring out my Messi mindset tonight,” he said earlier today, referring to Lionel Messi. “We’ll keep trying stuff till we find something that works, and then once I obviously, hopefully get through this, I’ll be back to my normal attire.”

If a shin guard is what Curry needs to stay on the court, then it’s worth a shot. Golden State will play in Portland tonight before heading to Sacramento to take on the Kings tomorrow night.

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