The Warriors improved to a ridiculous 33-2 on the season with an easy win over the Lakers on Tuesday, but Stephen Curry aggravated an injury to his left shin that had previously forced him to miss some time.

It happened on a play in the third quarter where Curry drove to the basket, and made contact with Roy Hibbert as he went up for the shot. The Warriors fouled to get him out of the game, but Curry returned after a trainer told his coach that he was OK to do so.

Curry said afterward that it could be four weeks until he's back at 100 percent, but also mentioned that he's not willing to miss that much time.


"It's just frustrating and annoying and any other adjective you want to throw in there," Curry said, via ESPN. "Long-term, it's not something that I'll have to worry about. It's just playing through an injury that's there. It doesn't get worse if I play on it, unless I get kicked, and that's happened three times since I did it, so hopefully it won't keep happening again."

"I'm not going to sit out four weeks, so just got to figure out how to protect it while I'm out on the floor and keep playing. We've done a good amount and just had a couple unlucky plays, and we'll keep addressing it."

The Warriors have a real shot at breaking the Bulls' all-time record for wins during the regular season, but wouldn't be nearly as likely to do so should Curry be forced to miss significant time. While his competitive nature may motivate him to want to try to play hurt, the best thing for his team's chances of repeating as champions would be for him to limit any risk of further injury, and rest until he's at least close to being 100 percent.

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