Kobe Bryant is completely calling it quits after the end of this NBA season. After 5 NBA titles, 17 All-Star appearances, one NBA MVP award, two Olympic gold medals, and being No. 3 on the NBA's all-time scoring list, what more does he have to prove by being on the 2016 Olympic Men's Basketball Team this summer? He doesn't. (Unless you ask Jerry Colangelo if Kobe really wanted to be on the team.)

The Lakers legend is going to hang up his sneakers for good because he wants to give the young guys on the team their just due time to shine. Before the Lakers competed against the Utah Jazz on Saturday, Bryant gave his reasons for why he's not competing in the Olympic Games this summer:

"I think it's the young guys' turn to play and perform. I've been fortunate enough to win two gold medals so I've had my moment. I'll watch from afar, I'll support from afar and if they want me to come down and speak to the guys, I will, but that's about it. As beautiful as it would be to play for our country, when I say my last game is going to be my last game ... then that's it. I'm not going to like to walk off the stage ... but I think it's pretty sweet to have my final game be in a Laker uniform."

Happy trails, Kobe! Well, not exactly "happy" with the Lakers being as bad as they are this year. But, you get the point.

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