At this point, it’s no longer newsworthy when Drake shows up at basketball games. From Raptors games to Kentucky games to Warriors games, he has become a fixture on the sidelines at big sporting events. But we have to make an exception today, because last night, Drake made an appearance at easily the most random college basketball game you’ll ever see him at—and fans at the game couldn’t believe it.

Apparently, Drizzy is good friends with Lamond Murray Jr.—the son of former NBA player Lamond Murray and the cousin of former NBA player Tracy Murray—who plays for Pepperdine. Murray Jr. averages about 15 points and five rebounds for the Waves and is one of the best players on the team. So when Murray Jr. & Co. hosted Pacific last night, Drake decided to support his friend by randomly showing up at Firestone Fieldhouse on the Pepperdine campus:

Obviously, no one was expecting Drake at the game. So when he walked into the gym and joined the 1,300 other people who were already there, Pepperdine fans were like…"Wait, WHAT?!" Just take a look at some of the tweets that emerged as Drake randomly strolled into the gym: