It’s kind of hard to blame Tiger for feeling some kind of way about the media, seeing how there are so many negative stories out there about him. Some involve golf, most don’t. But his way of getting around it is by ignoring the stories and staying off the Internet.

“One, you don’t listen to it,” he says. “And two, in today’s world, you don’t go online.”

He also says that, while he is friendly with some members of the media, there are plenty of reporters that—without naming any names—he doesn’t like.

“I have a lot of good friends in the media,” he says. “Guys I’ve gone out to dinner with on countless occasions. With respect. There’s also a flip side of people that I really don’t care for. Hey, they made their career being negative and being outlandish. They’ve made a career out of it. But that’s their take. They’ve almost created a character, per se.”