Tiger Woods is washed. Bogey-hitting, get-your-man-titty-touched washed. That hasn't changed these past couple of days. Woods golfed at the US Open, and it wasn't a pretty thing to watch.

That shot came during the worst round he ever golfed in the US Open. Woods is still bad, and it's breaking Butch Harmon's heart.

For those who may not know, Harmon is roughly the Phil Jackson to Woods's Kobe Bryant. He was Woods's former swinging coach when he won the 1997 Masters and came out on top at 2000's US Open, PGA Championship, and The Open Championship.

Harmon is now an analyst at Sky Sports, so it's unfortunately his job to watch Woods struggle.

It's tough to watch. We were trying to think what we could compare it to and my son Claude had the best analogy. It's like going to Wimbledon and watching Roger Federer not be able to hit the ball over the net.


"It's kind of sad to be honest with you. I am not sure any of us has the answer. He looks like a lost soul out there. We hope he would go home and take some time off and don't come back until you are 100 per cent ready to play.

He probably isn't the only one who feels this way. It's genuinely a sad thing to see a great fall this far.

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