Popularized by: Sergeant Slaughter, Ted DiBiase
Move type: Submission

There are some moustache-twirling submission moves that seem more villainous than others. And the Million Dollar Dream hold, which was popularized by Sergeant Slaughter (Cobra Clutch) and Ted DiBiase, looked straight up evil. Dibiase would wrench his opponent back and forth. The cross-eyed victim would turn red, before going completely limp. And DiBiase would toss him aside like a wet dishrag before stuffing a hundred dollar bill down his throat. For extra booing, DiBiase would maintain the hold for “too long,” and the commentators would start wringing their hands about possible brain damage. Ted DiBiase Jr. would later adapt the move to his repertoire, but no one could cinch it in like Senior could. It was fierce, scary looking stuff. Definitely don’t try this one at home.