Just days after former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver took down FIFA in an epic 13 minute rant, Jon Stewart's gang took shots at another giant corrupt sports organization: the NCAA. Jordan Klepper "reported" a segment on how the NCAA compensates (or doesn't) its student athletes, and actually sat down with Kain Colter, a player on the Northwestern University football team who's fighting to get his team recognized as employees of the university, and thus achieve unionization.
Through a hilarious line of questioning, Klepper gets Colter to basically explain that yes, college "student-athletes" are really treated more like employees, except their compensation doesn't involve money or proper health coverage. (You can watch the full segment here.)
This comes right after the NCAA just agreed to fork over $20 million to settle a lawsuit with college athletes over the use of their likeness in video games. These are certainly threatening times for the governing body of college sports.