Last night at UFC 174, Demetrious Johnson continued his streak of absolute dominance as he easily defeated Ali Bagautinov in a five-round decision.

The result of this flyweight championship fight was never in doubt, as Johnson pounded Bagautinov by out-hitting him 164 times to 66. It was so one-sided that even the ringside judges couldn’t screw it up, unanimously scoring the fight 50-45 for Johnson.

Johnson was certainly feeling great after the fight, saying that “I'm the king. I'll stay the king as long as I can. I'm going to keep knocking them down.” And, considering that he has also won his previous two title defenses convincingly, there’s no reason to doubt him. In fact, he’s undefeated since UFC instituted the flyweight division in 2012.

In his career, Johnson is 20-2-1, with his only two losses (one in 2011 and one in 2010) coming via decision.

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[via ESPN]