Take a trip down memory lane as we share a crazy moment at the podium, an amazing posterization, an absolute on-court fail or a memorable shooting performance from the postseason of the National Basketball Association in This Day in NBA Playoffs History.

With only three seconds left, the Chicago Bulls were down by one to the No. 3 seed Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. So, Bulls head coach Doug Collins called upon a 25-year-old Michael Jordan to help send Chicago to the next round. What came next is simply known till this day as "The Shot."

With Craig Ehlo all over him, Jordan managed to stay in the air long enough to free himself up for the game-winner jumper. Following his clutch shot, M.J. celebrated with an emphatic, fist-pumping gesture as Ehlo sulked in the background, which has grown to become just as legendary as the shot itself. Check it out.

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