A few months ago, we told you all about how good car commercials aren't really about cars anymore. And we think that the commercial above—which features Kobe Bryant, a little kid dressed up as a peanut, and an elephant—pretty much sums that up.

Is this commercial for a smart car going to make you run out and buy one? No. Is it going to tell you anything that you don't already know about the car (outside of the fact that it's really, really, really tiny)? No. But is it entertaining? YES.

So go ahead and press play. This commercial may not make you want to run out to the smart car dealership. But it will have you forwarding it to a friend with the subject "OMG, LOOK AT HOW WEIRD THIS KOBE COMMERCIAL IS!" So as far as smart is concerned, mission accomplished.

UPDATE: There is more!

UPDATE #2: Apparently, this is an old commercial, but who cares? We haven't seen it, and it's hilarious. 

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[via For The Win]