If your friend runs up to you disheveled and says, "Dude, I've been locked in a basement and in a coma. What's been happening in the first round?" First, you should tell him to notify the authorities. Secondly, you should show him this GIF.

This Blake Griffin circus shot is half-ridiculous and half-magical, which are two adjectives you can use to describe these playoffs. Everything from the shot actually going in to Griffin doing the backflip like it was nothing. The forward finished the game with 26 points as the Clippers sent the Warriors home with a 126-121 win.

So to recap: The Thunder beat the Grizzlies (120-109) to move on to face the Clippers. The Pacers returned to form earlier in the afternoon and beat the Hawks (92-80). They will face the Wizards in the next round.

We still have Game 7s for Nets/Raptors and Mavericks/Spurs later this Sunday. The Nets start at 1 PM but until then, enjoy this GIF of Doc Rivers celebrating like he never made it to the second round before.

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[via SB Nation]