I never thought I'd write about the politics of eating road kill, let alone do it twice. But here we are, just two months after a Texas house candidate made road kill consumption part of his platform, with Michigan just one step away from passing it. 

The bill that would let Michiganders make lunch out of a rabbit beheaded by a semi has already been passed in the state Senate. Now it goes to the House, where men and women elected by the people could make this a real law. 

Darwin Booher, who sponsored the bill, had this to say: "People should be able to stop and pick up a squirrel or a rabbit and take it home. If it would be a muskrat or a mink ... , they should be able to skin it or, if they know somebody, let them salvage $7 off it, or $20."

While this makes a joke out of Michigan's legislature, it is not an April Fools Day joke. 

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[via Jalopnik