There’s something about a beautifully filmed car doc that can just melt your heart, and Petrolicious churns out some of the best. The gang visited Mark Lundquist, a retired mechanic, who fell in love with the high performance Chevy SS models after working at a gas station in the late 1960s.

The station had the only “white pump” in town (for 104 high-octane gas), which brought every new muscle car to his door. Lundquist began collecting after he retired, and what a collection it is.

He bought a ’65 Malibu SS from a wrecking yard owner that puts down 502-horsepower and 567 lb.-ft. of torque from the 502ci Chevy big block crate engine. He’s done minimal restoration on his second SS, a stock ’72 Chevelle, since he purchased it on eBay. It sports the 402ci Chevy big block, a new paint job, and a new interior. He rounds off the collection with a ’68 Camaro and a 2002 Camaro.

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