Career years: 1992-Present
Clubs: Newcastle United, Brøndby, Galatasaray, Columbus Crew, Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur
Accolades: 1997 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year, 2002 U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year, 2002-2003 PFA Premier League Team of the Year, Alan Hardaker Trophy Winner

The MLS has never seemed to interest Brad Friedel much. The greatest American goalkeeper played a lone season for the Columbus Crew, and won the MLS Goalkeeper of the Year Award. Since coming back to England for the 1998 season with Liverpool, he's stayed around and played for some of the English Premier League's best sides.

Friedel's the EPL's Iron Man too—his 310 consecutive games played is a league record achieved from 2004 to 2012. The 42-year-old is still doing the damn thing in the EPL to this day (albeit in a back-up role for Tottenham), and is Tottenham and Aston Villa's oldest player ever. Friedel may be best remembered for his performances with that iconic 2002 World Cup team, but to EPL fans the world over, the grumpy-looking bald-headed keeper is an omnipresent figure in the English game.