That little fake Pau Gasol gave to Chris Paul was cute. But the ensuing basket was only worth two points; the Lakers later lost by 48 to the Clippers and lost again in a shootout with the Nuggets. It's time to make a change, and the fans are crazy enough to try to ignite it.

There isn't a law that forces the government to intervene if a professional basketball team straight-up sucks, but that didn't stop the Lakers faithful from starting a petition to bring Phil Jackson back. 

The petition already loses some credibility at the start by stating the Lakers are "the most successful sports franchise in the history of North American" — a false claim. The document then goes on to complain about President of Basketball Operations Jim Buss' failures, which includes hiring Mike D'Antoni. It ends with a demand:

Phil Jackson, who is engaged to Lakers Vice President of Business Operations Jeanne Buss, is an unbelievable natural resource. As he ponders whether he should accept a front office job with the Knicks, we are demanding that Phil become the President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers effective immediately.

There's the argument: "We suck, so we DEMAND Phil Jackson's comeback." It's clearly not strong enough rhetoric to galvanize the entirety of Lakers Nation. The petition is 99,737 signatures away from the 100,000 required for the White House to give it a look.

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[via We the People]