Phil Jackson already has an extremely slim chance of coming back to coach as is. Why the Knicks would even think he'd waste his years coaching for them is anybody's guess. Jackson probably politely declined, so James Dolan and crew must have thought, "Hey, he was nice about it! He might be a little interested."

So now, New York is trying to get Jackson involved in a front office position, according to the New York Daily News. Jackson has helped the Knicks win two of their only championships as a player, so the two sides do have some history. Dealing with Dolan's meddling, trifling ways isn't worth doing it for old time's sake, however. At some point, Jackson has to put his foot down and say, "I absolutely, positively, will not fuck with you guys." Lil Boosie is free. Jackson doesn't need this extra stress. The legendary head coach is expected to give the franchise a decision by next week.

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[via Daily News]