Did you miss the New Mexico State/Utah Valley college basketball game last night? If so, you missed a lot. NMSU and UVU are currently sitting atop the Western Athletic Conference and fighting for the chance to make the NCAA Tournament. So things got intense during Utah Valley's 66-61 overtime win over New Mexico State.

Things actually got so intense that the game didn't end when the final buzzer sounded. In fact, you could argue that that's when things got really interesting. Because as the final seconds ticked off the clock, NMSU guard K.C. Ross-Miller picked up the basketball near halfcourt and, rather than chucking up one final shot, threw the ball at UVU guard Holton Hunsaker. The ball struck Hunsaker in the leg and, seconds later, an all-out brawl erupted with players from both sides getting involved in the scrum. And to complicate things even further, UVU fans rushed the court as the brawl was taking place. So it was difficult to see who was fighting and who was celebrating. It was, in a word, chaos.

NMSU coach Marvin Menzies has already said that any NMSU players who took part in the brawl will be "punished to the 10th degree." But go ahead and take a look at the brawl in the clip above. Can you even tell who was involved and who wasn't?!

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[via ESPN]