Finally! That imaginary driving friend of yours is a reality! What, you didn't have an imaginary driving friend? Your loss. People with imaginary friends have been statistically proven to be more creative and smarter. Look it up. 

Anyway, check out this crazy new vehicle that Renault released in India earlier today. It's called the KWID and it's the first vehicle to come with its own drone, which is a miniature quadcopter called the Flying Companion. It has a few purposes, but the main one is to act as a traffic scout. It can be programmed to follow with your GPS, it can go ahead to check out future conditions, or it can be controlled with an iPad-like screen inside the car. It can also be used to "detect obstacles" ahead of you. Would it actually work, if each car had one of these? No, it'd be an air traffic disaster. But everybody can dream. Take a tour of the car via Flying Companion vision above. 

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[via Renault