Remember when Tyler Hansbrough and Metta World Peace almost got into a fight back in October before Hansbrough realized who he was about to get into a fight with? Of course you do. How could you forget this face?

Well, last night, Hansbrough got tangled up with another player underneath the basket. And this time, he wasn't afraid to mix it up, because he realized that the player he was tangled up with was Mike Dunleavy and not World Peace. Dunleavy is, of course, "a clown" (DeMarcus Cousins' words, not ours) so Hansbrough went right at him during the Bulls/Raptors game on Wednesday night and proceeded to turn the game into a UFC match for a few seconds.

In the end, no punches were thrown and both players were issued technical fouls. But we seriously wonder if Hansbrough would have done this if it was World Peace instead of Dunleavy here. Nah, right?

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[via Sports Pickle]