Essentially, the contradiction of the hype cycle boils down to this: When SportsCenter talks about a play or an event on TV too much, then they're beating it into the ground, but when you're going off about it on Twitter, or you post the play on your Facebook page, then it's okay. The hype cycle continues to exist because of this faulty logic, and anyone who is complaining about it as a problem is failing to see that they, at one point or another, probably contributed to the cycle's long lifespan. Sports outlets will continue to push a top play or a headline-making news story on us as long as we keep talking about it, negatively or positively.

Certain cases have emerged over the years as exceptions (see: the unbearable Brett Favre saga) but consider, for example, LeBron's "Decision." Everyone and their mother wanted to take his head off after his ESPN announcement back in 2010, but those same people are now the ones who can't stop speculating about where LBJ will end up after this season. If you don't like the hype cycle, then stop creating so much hype!