Much like the Dallas Cowboys—who are enjoying their bye week right now—we were going to take this week off when it came time to put together the "10 Sports People Who Had a Worse Week Than You" list. We were still going to post a list today, just as we've been doing every Sunday for the last month or so. But rather than go through each and every sport to find people who had crappy weeks, we were just going to list 10 members of the Cowboys and call it a day. Because the last week has been rough for the 'Boys. Despite the fact that they're 5-5 and sitting atop the NFC East, their defense got shredded during their loss to the New Orleans Saints last Sunday night, and the thought is that they're still not ready to make a serious playoff run with the defense that they've got in place right now. And to make matters even worse, their former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is doing a helluva job with the Saints this season. So it sucks to be a Dallas Cowboy this week.

The Cowboys coaches and players aren't the only people involved in the world of sports who had bad weeks, though. Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few sports people out there who had worse weeks than Jerry Jones & Co. So while we very easily could have made our entire "Worse Week" list about the Cowboys today, we didn't. Instead, we put together a brand new list of the 10 Sports People Who Had a Worse Week Than You. It'll help you—and the Cowboys!—to feel better today.

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