The Dallas Cowboys defense hasn't done so well this season. They're dead last in the league in yards allowed with an abyssmal 419.2 allowed per game. This is far worse than how they did last season. You know, when Rob Ryan was defensive coordinator. So when they faced the Saints on Sunday, Ryan was grilling the Cowboys like: 

OK, maybe that look didn't have anything to do with how the Cowboys let him go. But he has to have some satisfaction with how the Saints held down his old team to just 193 yards for the game.

Then there was the beating Drew Brees and the offense gave to Dallas. The Cowboys defense was almost as bad when they allowed 51 points against the Broncos just a few weeks ago. Against the Saints, Dallas allowed a crazy 625 yards (The Saints' franchise record). There's also the NFL record 40 first downs they allowed in their 49-17 blowout loss. That's what losing linebacker Sean Lee and having an injured DeMarcus Ware looks like.

On top of all that, Brees was just eight yards away from becoming the fifth quarterback to throw for over 400 yards against the Cowboys. They've already set an NFL record for most 400+ passing games in a season.  So yeah, those Madden ratings aren't going to be looking so hot next year.

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[via SB Nation]