Michael Vick may return as a backup with the way Nick Foles badly torced Oakland, even by Oaklands perputually mediocre standards. We knew Foles was a decent backup for Vick, but did anybody really think he was seven touchdowns in a game good? Well, he was against the Raiders at least.

Foles became the second quarterback after Peyton Manning to tie the most touchdowns in a game record. Manning was 27-of-42 that game; Foles was 22-of-28. Yes, that's more touchdowns than incompletions..Foles is the first Eagle to tie the record since Adrian Burk in 1954. Or maybe it's just Manning in a really good disguise. Remember, Manning is on his bye week.

Even though Foles is the main orchestrator of this beatdown, Riley Cooper got the hate. Five receivers caught touchdowns on the Eagles, and Cooper caught three. One member of Raider Nation did not like seeing him flourish.

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[via ESPN]