"Started From The Bottom" was the theme song to pretty much everything this year, including graduations, the waking up routine, and frat parties—because we all know a packed, sweaty frat boy house party is one of the truest comeups known to man. The Red Sox's comeup was a little better though. The team rose from dead last in the AL East last year, to that obstruction call, to a World Series Championship. Of course, David Ortiz should be the one to have the honor of rapping along to "Started From the Bottom" after an MVP-worthy performance that saw him hitting for .688 (11-for-16), two home runs, and six RBIs.

Ortiz's performance at the parade was more than a moment of self-aggrandizement. This win is for the city. The parade paused when it reached the finish line of the Boston Marathon to commemorate the tragedy.

"I think when we all stopped in that moment, and 'God Bless America' was sung, I think for a split second, and rightfully so, it took us back to the day in which we departed here on April 15. And again, in some ways, to bring a little bit of closure to it in terms of how the baseball season related to the tragedy, it was kind of a unique moment," said manager John Farrell.

After going through so much, this parade was a particularly special one even through it's Boston's third in 10 years. 

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[via Black Sports Online]