It ain't easy being an athlete. You have to be blessed the right genes, the will to dedicate countless hours in the gym, and the toughness to withstand constant public scrutiny. The same thing goes for music, except that instead of hitting the gym for hours, musicians often spend countless nights locked in the studio. Everybody grinds here.

Unfortunately, a lot of athletes fail to realize the amount of time and actual talent it takes to become a legit musician. Don't get us wrong, there are some good athletes-turned-musicians out there (peep Yankee great Bernie Williams on the guitar), but this is just a minority. When it comes to athletes making music videos, we usually have some truly hilarious attempts, while others have us going, "damn... just, damn." Deion Sanders', the NFL Hall of Famer who made one of the worst music videos of all time, birthday is today and we thought we'd celebrate with The 50 Funniest Athlete Music Videos. Shake your head at these with caution, because the sheer number of SMH moments in these next few slides may give you neck problems.

Written by Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock)

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