We bet that Dolphins center Mike Pouncey wishes he hadn't worn a stupid "FREE HERNANDEZ" hat just weeks after Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd, eh? Because now, Pouncey himself is going to be involved with the investigation of Hernandez.

Yesterday afternoon, about an hour after Pouncey and his Dolphins lost to the Patriots in Foxborough, Mass., Pouncey was approached by someone with the Massachusetts State Police and given a subpoena that is related to the Hernandez investigation. Police later made it clear that Pouncey is not being charged with a crime of any kind. But he is going to be asked to cooperate with police as they continue to investigate Hernandez's role in the Lloyd murder as well as his role in other suspected crimes. There has been no word yet as to whether or not Pouncey's brother Maurkice—who was also photographed wearing a "FREE HERNANDEZ" hat back in July—will be asked to cooperate as well.

The Dolphins did not have any comment on the matter last night. Neither did Pouncey. But it will be interesting to see how involved he will be in the police investigation of Hernandez and what role he ultimately ends up playing in it.

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[via ESPN]