Earlier today, we got a glimpse at the new EPIX documentary called Schooled: The Price of College Sports where Arian Foster confesses to accepting money during his time at the University of Tennessee. While the act of receiving financial assistance on the side could be frowned upon, Foster had a legitimate reason. "There was a point where we had no food, no money," he said, "so I called my coach and I said, 'Coach, we don't have no food. We don't have no money. We're hungry. Either you give us some food, or I'm gonna go do something stupid.'"

Still, Foster's reasoning apparently didn't sit well with Dick Vitale, who responded to a tweet by CBS' Greg Doyle about the news and referred to the Texans running back as a prostitute for putting his hand, taking the money and "moaning" about it years later. Hit the thumbs to check out the now deleted tweet. 

As you can see in the clip here, Foster isn't moaning about anything. Instead, he's just being honest about his situation and what essentially forced him to ask for money on the side. We want to give Dickie V a pass for what he said, but c'mon man, a prostitute? As we said, Vitale has removed the tweet with good reason. Now we just hope he can actually apologize to one of the good guys in the league for saying something ridiculous. 

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[via Larry Brown Sports]