Being Yasiel Puig isn't easy. Sure, you're loved and adored by Dodgers and MLB fans alike, but for someone who is experiencing all that baseball fame has to offer in their first year in the league, they're bound to go a little crazy at some point. Earlier today, Puig may have reached that point when he reportedly said, "Fuck the media" in the visitors clubhouse and left the room. It's also believed that he told the media "to perform a sexual act I can't print here" in Spanish, according to reporter and radio host Josh Friedman

Given the fact that Puig is still adjusting to the popularity and the demands of his celebrity status, we would like to cut him some slack for this outburst. However, if things don't change over time, maybe all that talk about his ego and arrogance will be his downfall. He needs some help dealing with all of this fame. Where are you, Jay Z

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