Sports: Football & Lacrosse
Career Years: Football (1954-1965) Lacrosse (1954-1956)

Jim Brown might be the best running back of all time in NFL history. What people forget is that he was a master with the stick. The lacrosse stick that is. Brown played lacrosse for Syracuse while playing football and basketball in college. Brown was the second leading scorer during his sophomore year with Syracuse. Brown also added a first team all-American nomination to his already sterling college career in his senior year. Brown wasn't too shabby on the football side either. He was a three-time NFL MVP, and nine-time Pro Bowler in just nine seasons in the NFL. Brown retired from the NFL at the age of 29 during the filming of The Dirty Dozen. He would go on to achieve accolades in the acting world such as filming the first interracial sex scene when he smashed Raquel Welch in 100 Rifles. Epic career moves FTW.