Drug abuse accustions. DUI arrests. Somewhere down the line, the summer took a turn for the worst for two-time NBA Champion Lamar Odom. Reports of just how bad things were leaked last weekend, but it looks like the forward has been moving funny even before that. 

A Los Angeles Times reporter reported that Odom was involved in a three-car accident on Saturday on the same highway he was arrest for DUI on. Odom's white Mercedes hit a vehicle, which rear-ended another one. The aforementioned reporter turned out to be in that other vehicle.

The reporter, Adolfo Flores, wanted to exchange insurance information, but Odom was reluctant to do so because he thought the damage didn't look so bad. Flores said the two involved cars received moderate bumper damage.

Odom eventually gave Flores his insurance card but weirdly refused to take it back before realizing he needed it to drive. With weird behavior like this, it's clear Odom needs to get his life together. Fast.

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[via Los Angeles Times]