Years active in the WWE: 1996-present

Without a doubt the most successful '90s wrestler (or any wrestler really), "The Rock" has proven himself to be a mainstream staple so much so that you probably don't need an update on him; but we'll give you one anyway.

He's claimed an appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2000 was the reason Hollywood studios started calling. After that he put the entertainment world in a choke-hold. He made $5.5 million in his first starring role (The Scorpion King) which got him a Guinness World Record for the most money for a first time leading man. Scripts started coming like clockwork some notables included: The Rundown, Walking Tall, Get Smart, The Gameplan, The Tooth Fairy, The Other Guys, Fast Five, Fast and Furious Six, Pain & Gain and now he even hosts his own reality show The Hero on TNT. He also claimed that his role in Fast and Furious Seven was not a guarantee but according to IMDB he's signed on, he's also got a Hercules flick coming out, while it's also rumored he could be in Terminator 5

So what did he do with some of that dough? Well, he founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation to benefit at-risk and terminally ill kids. He renovated Miami University's football facilities and they reciprocated by naming the locker room after him. After all it was the largest donation by a former athlete in Miami history and Lord knows the 'U' had some rich NFLers.