Years active in the WWE: 1990-2012

The Undertaker's infamous manager (real name Paul Moody) ballooned up to 525 pounds before having gastric bypass surgery and subsequently dropped below 300. If you weren't aware he was a real-life funeral director and worked there full-time again starting in 2006. He and a few other investors began Gulf South Wrestling which lasted just over a year, Moody collapsed the company after the other investors attempted to go forth without him.

On March 2 of this year he attended a Gulf Coast Wrestlers reunion and three days later died at the age of 58 after having clearly visible respiratory problems. He passed away (officially) from a blood clot. The WWE then made a storyline where CM Punk dumped the ashes from Paul Bearer's urn onto the Undertaker. Lest you think that was in bad taste realize that Bearer's family signed off on the idea. If they don't bitch about it, you probably shouldn't either. 

Perhaps someday you'll see the torch passed as his son Danielwho goes by the name DJ Pringle—in the ring currently travels the country in the independent circuit.