After rising on the first day and boarding the hilarious prom bus complete with neon and starry headliner (sadly, no stripper pole) we were ushered into a classroom in which we were instructed on driving technique, how not to crash into the tire wall, and how best to drive this track and these cars. The staff was friendly and engaging, and imparted a ton of useful information.

We were then taken out to the pit lane to check out the cars and be instructed in how to operate them and their sequential manual shifters, which some of the journalists had never seen before. On the inside, there's a switch to turn the car on, an ignition button, three pedals, a shift knob, and a detachable steering wheel. Pro tip: you should keep all of these things attached when driving.

Pro Tip #2: For all giants who might want to drive a race car: that dude in the orange shirt is Jermaine Bagnall from Toro Magazine in Toronto and he's 6'7". He didn't fit in the Van Diemen cars, but they did find an older formula car for him. If you're any taller than him, you're going to be out of luck.